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Article: How to whitelist a DayZ Server

How to whitelist a DayZ Server

In this guide, we are going to be showing you the exact steps on how to whitelist your DayZ Server.

What is a server whitelist?

A server whitelist is like a special guest list for a party. It's a list of people or devices that are allowed to access someones server / game server. If your name or device is on the list, you can join and use the server. If it's not on the list, you won't be allowed in. It's a way to control who can and cannot access the server, typically used for security or access management.

What are the benefits of whitelisting your DayZ Server?

Whitelisting a DayZ server offers benefits such as control over who accesses the server, increased security, the opportunity to build a strong and cooperative player community, reduced griefing and rule enforcement, improved server performance, exclusive event hosting, and privacy for players seeking a more secluded gaming experience. By carefully managing the whitelist and maintaining clear rules and communication, server administrators can create a more enjoyable and secure DayZ gameplay environment for authorized players while minimizing disruptive behavior and ensuring fair play.

How to whitelist your DayZ Server

  • To whitelist your DayZ Server you first are going to want to head over to the Realms Game Panel.
  • You are then going to want to head over to the "File Manager" tab on the dashboard, where you will see all of the server files.
  • Once there you are going to see a file called "serverDZ.cfg"
DayZ Whitelist File
  • Click on "serverDZ.cfg"
  • It should now load up the contents of the file, from there you will see a line that says
enableWhitelist = 0; // Enable/disable whitelist (value 0-1)
  • Change the 0 to a 1, which should look something like this
enableWhitelist = 1; // Enable/disable whitelist (value 0-1)
  • Once you have changed the whitelist to 1, the whitelist would've taken affect after restarting your DayZ Server.

How to whitelist myself on my DayZ Server?

Now you have enabled the server whitelist, you are going to need to whitelist yourself onto the server. This is a very simple and easy process.

Firstly, you are going to want to connect to the server and then head over to your server console. From there you will see your player data. It will look something along the lines of

[pterodactyl]: Force remove player Survivor (587426089)

You are then going to want to grab the Survivor ID, in this case it will be Survivor (587426089) and then you will head over to the "whitelist.txt" file within the file manager and paste this in.

DayZ Player Whitelist

Then restart your server and you should now be whitelisted to your DayZ Server.

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