Feature one

We have the best most supported panel known to man called the Typhon Panel. This panel is from Pterodactyl However Realms Hosting work hard to make sure it is up to date for all the latest games and make sure that it is hastle free for all our customers. We had a few errors to begin with but the Founder of the company worked quickly to resolve these issue.

Typhon Panel

Feature two

Realms Hosting uses Intel Core i7 6700K processors to run the game servers on. We use these as it is the best for the specs you get for the great price we provide them to you with! We also use HDD to give you more storage for a great price because we care about the customers. Most of our servers come with 100GB HDD straight away for our clients to use.

Intel Core i7 6700K processors

Feature three

We have great uptime. We have never had a moment where we have been down. The only few issues we have had is when our game panel has thrown either a 500 Error, or a gatway timeout when there has been a problem with a connection. However all these issues are now fixed so you should expect not much downtime unless we are doing major maintinence.

100% Uptime at Realms Hosting

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