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Article: Creating Scheduled Tasks with Realms

Creating Scheduled Tasks with Realms

In this guide we are going to be showing you how to create scheduled tasks within the Realms Game Panel. Whether it's an automated restart, or commands being sent. We will show you how to do this.

What's the benefits of creating an automated schedule?

The benefits of creating a scheduled task such as a restart is that while you are away from your computer, whether that's because your asleep or your away, these can be done all automatically meaning no need to log into the Game Panel while you are busy.

Creating a Scheduled Task

The Game Panel uses a cron job to create these tasks so you will need to know how to apply the cronjob syntax to create a successful restart / task you want to complete.

To be able to learn cron jobs, you can checkout the Cron Guru.

Setting up the task

  • Firstly, you are going to want to go to your server on the Game Panel and head over to the Schedules tab.
  • The schedules section is where we are going to be creating our automated tasks.
Creating automated Tasks
  • From here, you are going to want to click on Create Schedule
  • You will now be prompted with a popup ready to start your task.
Creating CronJob Task
We are going to be creating a restart every 4 hours
  • To create a restart you are going to want to do as follows.
0 */4 * * *
  • The zero means at 0:00 minutes, every 4th hour, of every day, every month, every day of the week.
Manage Schedule
  • Now you have created your schedule, you are going to want to click Manage Schedule this is where you are going to adding the commands / power actions to the schedule you have set
New Task
  • Once you are in this menu, click on New Task to build a new task for your Schedule you have created
Creating the task
  • As the above image shows, we have created a Task, we have select the power option, followed by the power action of Restarting the server.
  • And that's how you create a schedule for your Server with Realms.

Now you have learnt how to create a Scheduled Task, here are some other guides on how to connect to SFTP and How to add Sub-Users.