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Article: How to connect your domain to your MC Server

How to connect your domain to your MC Server

Discover how to set up your domain name with your Minecraft Server step-by-step using our guide.

Why connect your domain to your Minecraft Server?

The reason why you want to connect a domain name to your Minecraft Server is for a few reasons.

Your Minecraft Server will be something you either want to play with your friends on or create a community/hub server just like Hypixel.

The purpose of connecting a domain name to your Minecraft server is to establish a distinctive brand identity. By associating a domain name with your server, you aim to enhance brand recognition. If you rely solely on entering the server’s IP address into the connect bar, it becomes likely that players will frequently forget about your server. Consequently, it becomes challenging for them to recall the address easily.


  • Minecraft Server from Realms Hosting.
  • Valid domain name registered with any domain registrar.

Purchasing a domain name

It is essential to obtain a domain for your Minecraft server. A domain serves as your distinct online address, serving as a gateway for players to connect to your server. Many domain registrars provide a diverse selection of options at different price points. Choose a domain name that accurately represents your gaming community and resonates with your intended audience.

Configuring your DNS

In this guide, we will be using NameCheap as our domain registrar, however, it will be virtually the same process as any provider you use.

Once you have purchase your domain name, you are going to want to head over to your Account dashboard.

how to connect your domain to minecraft server

Click on Manage. Once you have clicked on manage, you will be sent to the domain’s DNS Management page. This is where you can set up your MC Servers Domain.

setting up domain for mc

From there, you are going to click on Advanced DNS and then Add new record.

Adding a new record

To begin setting up your DNS for immediate linking to your Minecraft server, follow these steps promptly! First and foremost, you need to include an A type record, as illustrated below.

Creating a record

After choosing the appropriate record type, you must complete the following parameters with the specified values:

  • Host: If you intend to use your domain as it is, set this to “@” symbol. However, if you want to establish a subdomain like “,” enter “play” in this field.
  • Value: Enter your Minecraft server’s IP address in this field (do not include the port within this section).
  • TTL: Leave this option unchanged or set it to thirty minutes if your domain registrar mandates it.
setting the subname for mc


By pointing your domain name to the IP Address of your server, it will enhance your brand recognition for your Minecraft Community Server

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