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Article: How to Add Sub-Users to Your Game Server on Realms Hosting

How to Add Sub-Users to Your Game Server on Realms Hosting

What is a Subuser?

A subuser is a mechanism to grant access to other administrators assisting with your server. This includes developers or anyone else you deem necessary to have control over your server within the game panel. With Iceline Hosting's game server hosting services, you can specify permissions for your subusers. For instance, if you only want someone to start/stop the server, that can be arranged. There are many permissions available to grant or deny.

Benefits of a Subuser:

Having a subuser can be advantageous for your server. For example, if a developer needs to upload or edit files, you can set permissions so they can do this without accessing the entire panel. This granularity in permissions is beneficial for server owners using game server hosting to manage their teams.

Steps to Add a Subuser:

  1. Log into your game panel account.
  2. Navigate to Realms Game Panel and select your server.
  3. Once on your server's console, go to the "Users" tab.
  4. On the main subuser page, click on the "Add New User" button.
  5. Enter the email address the subuser wants to use.
  6. Choose the permissions you want the subuser to have or simply select all.
  7. Click "Add New Subuser".
  8. Inform the subuser to check their emails for login details.

After these steps, you've successfully added a person as a subuser.

Facing Issues?

If you encounter any problems, ensure you've followed the tutorial thoroughly. If issues persist, you can contact Iceline Hosting's support team.