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Article: How to Host a Garry’s Mod Server

How to Host a Garry’s Mod Server

What is Garry’s Mod Hosting

If you are new to hosting Garry’s Mod servers or Garry’s Mod in general and you want to set up your own server, this guide is tailored for you! We will cover the basics of GMod hosting and provide step-by-step instructions to help you get started with your very own server.

Start Hosting:

To begin with Garry’s Mod, it’s crucial to choose the appropriate GMod server hosting plan that suits your friends or community. First, determine the number of players you expect to have on your GMod server. This is important because it determines the amount of server resources you will need to ensure smooth operation. Once you have made this decision and purchased your GMod server hosting plan, you are ready to start setting up and customizing your server!

If you have acquired the GMod server hosting plan from Realms Hosting, the setup process is straightforward. After your payment has been processed by our payment processor, your server will be automatically installed within minutes! Once you receive the email notification from us stating that the server has been installed, you should log in to our Game Panel. The GMod server should already be started for you, but if it isn’t, simply click the “start” button on your console.

To join your server, make sure that the server status shows “Online.” If it does, note down your connection address and open the in-game console by pressing the “~” key. In the console, type the command “connect (IP:Port)” or use your connection address in place of “(IP:Port).” Allow some time for the server to load, and soon you will find yourself in your own GMod server!

Server Addons

With Garry’s Mod, you can find so many different addons you can actually choose from as well as different types of NPCs and game modes. Some of the Game Modes consist of, DarkRP, TTT, StarwarsRP and more. If you want to add different GMod addons then you can use places like Steam Workshop or the GMod Store.

Still need help?

If you are still facing problems, and need help with setting up your GMod hosting, then contact our support team here at Realms Hosting and we will be happy to help you host a GMod server for your friends.