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    The Top 5 Rust Plugins of 2024

    February 15, 20244 min read time

    Are you looking to give your rust server a boost? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’re going to be sharing our top 5 best rust plugins of 2024. Whether you are looking to boost your server from simple automation to give you more time with your friends or a complete game overhaul to give players exciting new experiences, these plugins will take your server to the next level.


    Skins Rust

    Skins is the must-have mod for Rust players who are interested in customising their experience through cosmetic items. Through Skins, players are able to apply custom skins to their weapons, armour and a variety of other objects in the game. While adding styles and skins to your Rust AK-47 might give you a leg up on the competition, think of it as pink lipstick to compare your SkinBox sessions with casino gambling in blackjack and slot games online. Similarly, you can apply skins to door knobs and bathtubs in your base, giving everything a decorative edge.

    Better Loot

    Better Loot Rust

    Better Loot is the most downloaded mod on the site, and one of the most popular in the game, making the game feel ‘lootier’ and more balanced for players Better Loot not only increases the chance of finding the items you seek as you roam the world, but it also modifies the actual placement of all the loot. It spreads things around more evenly, so that you can expect to find interesting items in more places. Loot isn’t simply left lying around where you naturally happen to be looking for gear; you have to truly explore, searching caves and forts, in order to find the specific loot you are looking for. The result is a game that feels more ‘lootier’ – offering a multitude of rewards and more interesting choices of play.

    Gather Manager

    Gather Manager rust

    Gather Manager is a Rust mod that lets you play with how resource gathering works in the game. The plugin empowers server owners and administrators to refine how players gather resources on their server with fine-grained control of gathering rates and safety, native integrated exploit detection, and punch-through logging. This plugin lets server owners set gathering rates based on player population, server economy, and gameplay balance, ultimately giving them full control over the gameplay experience. With features such as progressive gathering dynamic rates, exploit mitigations, and balanced resource distribution mechanics, Gather Manager introduces a more engaging, fair gameplay experience by reducing player competition over resources, while also ensuring server stability and performance.

    Auto Doors

    auto doors rust

    Auto Doors is an exceptional mod that reduces the complexity of base management and provides a new level of security in Rust. With Auto Doors installed, you no longer have to open and close everything yourself on your way through your bases – it happens automatically as you approach doors, and closes behind you when you’re done. It’s a small but significant change that makes everything less tedious and more convenient, while at the same time providing an extra line of defence to your highly fortified player bases, by automatically closing doors behind intruders to keep them out.

    Enhanced Hammer

    enchanced hammer rust

    Enhanced Hammer is a mod for the game Rust. It is one of the most downloaded mods from the Steam workshop and its description reads as follows: 'with installing this mod, the hammer tool got a bunch of hot new features! As an example, it provides a way to easily delete objects and offers a redesigned menu, which makes it easier and faster to access the full functionality of the hammer tool!' The exact contents of the expanded toolkit are left somewhat vague. Perhaps this is intentional, as game modding is an elaborate practice that revolves around 'cheating'. While mods are perfectly legal and enjoy wide support among gamers and game makers, they are certainly an engaging form of cheats. In the world of games they allow you to make the perfect graphics, equip characters with the most powerful weapons, bypass levels, and enable other players to work together to defeat boss monsters.


    These are some of the best Rust Server Plugins you can find when beginning your Rust Server. That's why we have created this guide to bring these to your attention.

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