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    The best 10 Palworld Mods

    February 27, 20245 min read time
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    Palworld, the unique blend of creature collecting, survival, and combat, has captivated players worldwide. But as with many games, the community has taken the experience to new heights with mods.

    Over the past months, Palworld, quickly gathered a following before becoming one of the most successful indie video games of all time. As is usually the case with popular video games, players have organised and uploaded mods that enhance the experience.

    In this list, we’ve gathered 10 of the most popular mods that’ll totally spice up your Palworld journey.

    Stuck Pal Rescuer

    stuck pal rescuer mod

    Ever had your Pals get stuck in odd places? This mod is a lifesaver, teleporting immobile Pals back to your Palbox, ensuring they're never lost or stuck again. A must-have for any player. Download Stuck Pal Rescuer. It will respawn your Pal to the Pal Box when it detects that the Pal hasn't moved in a certain amount of time. You can also create an automatic timer to allow the game to automatically respawn your Pals to the Pal Box whenever you like.

    Legally-Distinct Pocket Creatures Mod

    Legally Distinct Palworld Creatures Mod

    After a brush with copyright issues, this mod offers a delightful parody of the Pokémon universe, introducing "Legally-Distinct" creatures to Palworld. It's a fun twist for fans of both franchises. Download Legally-Distinct Pocket Creatures.

    Although it's not Pokemons, it still gives a nice little twist to he game to make your experince different, and more enjoyable. So, even though it’s not Pokemons, it’s a nice little ‘game within the game’, and which you'd quite like, to give your experience a little twist and make it a bit more enjoyable.

    Faster Breeding

    Palworld Faster Breeding Mod

    Breeding Pals can be a slow process. This mod speeds it up, making it easier to create your ideal team of Pals without the long wait times. Download Faster Breeding.

    The default breeding time is around 72 hours, for a lot of players this can be very annoying, that's why this mod can turn the breeding time from 72 hours, down to 300 seconds. Making the gameplay quicker and more fun as you won't have to waste time waiting for your eggs to hatch. And with this mod, you can use berries instead of cake to hatch your eggs.

    Remove Flying Stamina Cost

    Explore the skies without the worry of stamina depletion. This mod allows unlimited flight, perfect for those who love to take to the air. Download Remove Flying Stamina Cost.

    The great thing about the Flying Stamina Cost Mod is that you can use this on a dedicated server. So you and your friends can have this experience togeather instead of doing it on your own.

    Palworld Hosting

    Palworld Hosting

    Explore Palworld Server Hosting the right way. Palworld is not just a game you have to experience alone and by yourself, you can create your very own Palworld Server and play online with your friends 24/7 around the world. By using a Hosting Company you can be sure to know that your server will always be online, you'll always get help with mod installs, editing configs and much more.

    Carry Weight Increase

    carry weight increase

    Tired of running out of inventory space? This mod increases your carry weight limit significantly, allowing you to haul more items and resources. Download Carry Weight Increase.

    Game Tweaks

    Palworld Game Tweaks

    This comprehensive mod allows you to adjust a variety of game settings to your liking, from stamina drain rates to item weights, making your gameplay experience more personalized. Download Game Tweaks

    Unlock a ton of hidden settings! Alter rare pal spawn rate, stamina consumed per activity, health regeneration, hunger, default weight, movement speed, respawn timer, stats gained per level up and much more.

    Map Unlocker

    map unlocker for palworld

    Reveal the entire map of Palworld, making exploration and planning your next move a breeze. This mod is perfect for adventurers who want to see everything the game has to offer. Download Map Unlocker.

    Pal Analyzer

    Pal Analyzer for Palworld

    Shows wild pals stats when you hovers over them; you unlock more stats as you go, so it plays like a meta where you uncover things fairly (precisely customisable). Pal Analyzer is meant to feel like a vanilla system, so as much as possible is done in-game with existing UI elements to blend in! Download Pal Analyzer.

    Ghibli Style Preset

    Ghibli Style Preset Mod

    Enhance the visual appeal of Palworld with this reshade mod that adds depth and warmth to the game's color palette, reminiscent of Studio Ghibli's style. Download Ghibli Style Preset.

    Adding a new visual appreance to the game can bring a new touch to it. It can make your experience more enjoyable for you.

    Always Fast Travel

    fast travel

    Tired of walking to a Fast Travel point to move around? The Always Fast Travel mod allows you to teleport to any Great Eagle Statue you've unlocked without needing to be at a statue or a Palbox. Download Always Fast Travel

    These mods not only enhance the gameplay experience but also add a personal touch to your Palworld adventure. Whether you're looking to improve quality of life, expand multiplayer capabilities, or just add a bit of fun with new creature models, there's something here for every player.