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    Create your own experience with Rust server hosting

    December 11, 20232 min read time

    Wanting to create your own Rust Server because of trolls in the game? Are trolls ruining your Rust Experience? Do you want to make your own community, and crack down on unpleasant players? Well now is your chance to grab cheap Rust Server Hosting at Realms Hosting.

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    What is Rust?

    Rust is a multiplayer game that you can play solo, with friends or strangers in the most addictive multiplayer survival game on the market. You can find Rust on Steam and start immersing yourself in the impressive survival game.

    Every Player starts off with just a rock and a torch – This might not seem like much, however, you can eventually work your way up to having AK47s, Bow and more powerful weapons to hunt down and survive in the game of Rust.

    In the game of Rust you can either PvE (Player Versus Environment) or PvP (Player Versus Player) At first you will want to PvE. Get to know your environment, tackle the harsh terrain, hostile animals and hard manual labour to get your very first 2×2 wooden base you made from knocking down that tree with your rock.

    Once you have gotten your base ready in Rust, that’s when the fun begins, you can start mining for materials to create C4, Creating Blueprints for Weapons, and Crafting your first set of Armour to get yourself ready for battle in the harsh fields of PvP in Rust.

    Why PvP? Well, you do this so you can become powerful! The more weapons and explosives you have, the bigger the base you have, and the more chance you have at being able to do successful raids on players – Unfortunately, the more powerful you are in Rust, the more likely you are to be raided by toxic players.

    That’s why you are here. To create your own Rust Server for everyone to enjoy a toxic-free server. So Rust Server Hosting is here at Realms Hosting to help you along your journey.

    Private Rust Server Hosting

    Yes, you can get Rust Hosting where you can edit the number of slots, so you can limit the number of players who can join if you only want the server to be accessed by your friends. When making your Rust Game Server Private, you can stop everyone from seeing your server. Having your Server Private allows you to control who joins, and stops all the toxic people from joining your server to just create bad experiences for the community.

    Why use a company for Rust Server Hosting

    Using a company for Rust Hosting means that you don’t have to worry about managing all the important updates, having to worry about what to do if your Virtual Private Server stops working. When purchasing Rust Game Server through a company such as Realms Hosting, you are guaranteed 99% uptime and full support on any server issues you come across – Apart from third-party scripts.

    Deploy your Rust Server with ease at Realms Hosting today.