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    FiveM's Future Under Rockstar Games: What to Expect

    December 12, 20232 min read time

    As you all may know, Rockstar Games acquired FiveM (Cfx.re) team back in August of 2023. Since then, there has been a lot of speculation on what the future holds for FiveM and the whole Cfx.re team.

    Today, we will be going through some of the major changes that has come to FiveM since Rockstar Games purchased them.

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    Complete Ownership and Collaboration

    Rockstar Games now completely owns the FiveM / Cfx.re brand, meaning that the two teams can now collaborate to bring a better experience for all players. This change is set to bring the role-playing experince to a new level.

    This partnership indicates a potentially more integrated approach to development, with Rockstar's resources and expertise possibly leading to new features and improvements.

    Infrastructure and Stability

    One of the major focuses from the buy-out has been the Stability of FiveM's service and their support. Before August 2023, FiveM kept seeing a lot of downtime and stability issues, causing tens of thousands of players to leave role-playing completely. This is understandable as when you use a service you expect nothing but excellence and Cfx.re kept lacking on this.

    The infrastructure since the acquisition has seen upgrades, these have been aimed at reducing downtime and security measures have been bolstered using Rockstar's tools. These improvements are critical for providing a more reliable and secure environment for players.

    fivem removing real world cars

    Policy and Content Changes

    Several policy changes have been implemented since the Rockstar takeover:

    • Removal of Real-World Content: To comply with copyright laws, real-world cars and companies have been removed from GTA RP. This move has led to a push for creativity, with the community being encouraged to create unique vehicles and brands.
    • Prohibition on Importing Maps: Maps from other games, including GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption, can no longer be imported into FiveM or RedM.
    • Content Moderation: Content promoting violent extremism, graphic sexual content, or abuse is subject to rectification.

    These changes reflect a commitment to legal compliance and community standards, although they have also been met with some hate from players used to the previous open nature of the platform.

    RedM Support and Anti-Cheat Updates

    RedM has never really been as big as the FiveM community and that's understandable, however RedM will continue to recieve support with a new Anti-Cheat system being set a revamp for both RedM and FiveM to tackle the on-going cheaters.

    Development Focus and Community Reaction

    The development team is focusing on optimizing workflows and reviewing legacy code, which, although not immediately visible, will contribute to the long-term health of the platform. However, these changes have been met with mixed reactions from the community, with some players expressing concerns over the direction FiveM is taking under Rockstar's control.


    The future of FiveM under Rockstar Games full of enhanced stability, legal compliance, and collaborative development. While these changes promise a more robust and secure platform, they also signify shift from the more open and mod-friendly environment that FiveM was known for. It remains to be seen how these changes will shape the platform's development and the community's response in the long run.