How to set yourself as superadmin

How to set yourself as superadmin

There are a couple of reasons you might want to set someone as superadmin, whether this be for yourself or for one of your admins.
Note : You will need to have least loaded into your server once for you to be displayed in the database.


How to set it


  • Login to your database using HeidiSQL using the information provided in the “”DB Management”  in the game panel it will look like the below screenshot. 


  • Once you have logged into your database scroll down on the left hand side and click the users table displayed here.

  • Once you’ve selected on your user table  Click “Data” this is displayed at the top.

  • You will then see all your users displayed below this will display everyone that has ever connected to your server , Scroll down and find yourself and then scroll over to “group” click on yourself then change the group from “user” to “superadmin”.

  • Then click off the selected row you're currently on and it will auto save your adjustments.
  • You can then restart your server and you will now be superadmin upon your next connection.

Facing Any Issues ? 


Make sure you have followed each step carefully and thoroughly.
If you are still having trouble, you're able to reach out to our support team at any time and we will do our best to reply as quickly as possible!

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