Server not showing on server listing

Frustrated due to your server now showing on the listing ?
Don’t worry follow this guide on how to get it to appear again


How to get your server on the Server List FiveM

  • Open up your server.cfg you can access it via Filezilla, if you don’t know how to access filezilla follow this guide here
  • Once you have accessed your files via Filezilla you will see your server.cfg here.

  • Drag your server.cfg to your desktop  your server.cfg and then enter this text as show below

sets sv_projectName "ENTER PROJECT NAME"


sv_listingIPOverride "ipaddress"

  • Enter both your project name and project description and IP Override

  • Once you have done this save it and drag it back into the Filezilla and then restart your server.


  • Now your server should start showing on the listing (Note : It can take up to 15 mins to show on the listing after a restart)

Facing any issues?

Make sure you have followed each step carefully and thoroughly.
If you are still having trouble, you're able to reach out to our support team at any time and we will do our best to reply as quickly as possible!

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