How to update your FiveM Server Manually

In this knowledge base, we will show you how to update your FiveM Server Artifacts manually.

Your FiveM artifacts are essential and vital to keeping your server maintained and being stable
Our staff team highly recommends staying up to date with the latest recommended artifacts.
Each update of artifacts will help with crashes and the stability of your server.

  • First ensure that your FiveM Server is turned off in the console by pressing “Stop”
  • Head over to the Artifacts Website and you will then see two buttons at the top of the page like so:
  • Hover over “LATEST RECOMMENDED” and right-click.
  • Once you have right-clicked you can then click “Copy Link Address”
  • You will then want to copy this part of the link as shown below:

NOTE: This will change as the latest recommended artifacts gets updated 

  • Head over to the Realms Hosting Game Panel and then click “Startup”, scroll down until you see “FiveM Version” This is where you will be pasting the above code into the box.
  • Once you have done this you want to head over to the file manager and then delete your “Alpine” Folder
  • Then head over to “Settings” and hit “Reinstall Server”. Don’t worry it won’t reinstall your sevrer it will just reinstall the Alpine folder which will update your FiveM Version.

If you have any problems with any of these steps or have trouble understanding what you need to do please feel free to log a ticket via our discord and one of our staff team will be happy to help (Support Times may vary depending on availability and time of day)

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