Category: FiveM Knowledge

  • How to install Qbcore on FiveM

    In this tutorial, you will be shown step-by-step how to install Qbcore onto your FiveM Server whilst using Realms Hosting as your service provider. Firstly you need to head over to your game server on our Game Panel. If you haven’t purchased fivem server hosting with us then you can do so before you start. […]

  • How to change your FiveM Server Icon

    First, grab the image you want to make your server icon. You want to make sure the image you have chosen is 96x96px and in a png format (Other formats will not work) Connect to your SFTP and find the directory where your server.cfg is located After you have done that you can now proceed […]

  • How to update your FiveM Server Automatically

    When using Realms Hosting to host your FiveM Server then you will want to know how to update your server artifacts and with us, we have made it as easy as possible for you! Head over to your FiveM Server on the game panel and press “Manage Server” Once you are in your server you […]

  • How to update your FiveM Server Manually

    In this knowledge base, we will show you how to update your FiveM Server Artifacts manually. Your FiveM artifacts are essential and vital to keeping your server maintained and being stableOur staff team highly recommends staying up to date with the latest recommended artifacts.Each update of artifacts will help with crashes and the stability of […]