Squad Server Hosting

Last Updated: 05/05/2021

Squad Server Hosting

Are you currently looking to make a squad server for you and your community or maybe even a few of your friends? Well now is your chance to grab Squad Server Hosting. Whether you're wanting to use it for just a couple of friends or you want to use it to run a community of a larger size you can do all that right here for Squad Server Hosting at Realms Hosting.

What is Squad?

Squad is a tactical first-person shooter game set in the current modern day environment that includes the near past and near future, the game has been developed by the Canadian studio Offworld Industries and is made on Unreal Engine 4. It has been self published by themselves via Steam and is a spiritual successor to the multi-award winning Project Reality modification for Battlefield 2. It features 20 large open maps , vehicle-based combined arms gameplay, and player-constructed bases to create an amazing gaming experience with you needing to make them split-second decisions to give your team that advantage they need.

Squad is bridging the gap between arcade shooters and military simulators by trying to get rid of the repetitiveness and lack of depth that can swarm most arcade shooters which Squad does very well as they reduce the complexity that most military simulators have. This enables you to gain maximum fun without racking your brain and googling everything late at night wondering how do you do this? Or how do you do that?, now that doesn’t mean you won’t need to do that as I’m sure most people enjoy reading up about games and how they work. But it will definitely reduce the need to do so.

Squad builds its main focus on the combined efforts of the group, meaning this game is great to play with some friends as doing so will enable you to get that advantage on another team if you work well together in a group and the opposite team don’t players that are working together in a group will get the advantage whether that be survivability or firepower. So it's recommended to work in a group with a team or friends as when working by yourself and not working well in a team the game will somewhat penalise you in terms of survivability etc. Which I think is a great thing because who doesn’t wanna work well in a team and gain the advantage over other teams.

All this means that each and every round are not the same and depending on your teams performance and commitment to working well with each other will depend on how the match goes in which direction, this makes for a completely different experience each match. Squad comes equipped with a high quality in game voice system for talking to others locally whether that be your squad mates, nearby players and even other squad leaders. The game is designed to make you immersed in your gameplay and make you feel like you're really there making decisions which will impact how things go.


Squad is a squad-based warfare game. A singular match consists of two factions, each divided among smaller squads that could have a maximum of nine players, then each squad is made up of individual classes selected by each player. Available classes include medic, combat engineer, anti-tank specialists and various types of riflemen. So plenty to choose from to ensure there is something for everyone to do so you're not let bored, a squad of players are led by someone called a squad leader, their job is to communicate with other allied squad leaders and construct firebases and defence mechanisms like crew-server weapons and sandbags.

If you are looking to get better at the game like most games it does have a shooting range, this will allow you to practice with any weapon of your choice so you can get better and gain an advantage over other players, this will also allow you to get familiar with the controls and get them all setup to your liking before heading into a real game against other people.

Is Squad easy or hard to play?

The main thing to consider when playing squad is the firing mechanics and guns spray patterns, if your a frequent player of FPS games then you’ll probably get on just fine, however don’t let this deter you from the game as with a bit of practice and combination of the shooting range you’ll get on just fine and this game is a ton of fun to play so it's definitely worth getting for yourself to play with friends or to even make friends. If you're looking to just run and gun in this game then you’ll die almost every time, teamwork in this game is far more important than the ability to just point and click so do bare this in mind when jumping on this game for the first time.

Of course all games are going to seem hard to play at first but that is just the nature of all games, some people might find the game easy some people might find the game hard it just all depends on you and how are with FPS games.

History of Squad

Development of Squad was originally announced back in October 2014 when Project Reality developer Sniperdog (a.k.a Will Stahl) made a post on the Project Reality forums. The announcement carried news that the team of just 15 people was making a spiritual successor to Project Reality using Unreal Engine 4. On April 5th 2015 Squad appeared in Steams’ greenlight service and was announced in an update called “Vote for Us” After just eight days on greenlight, Squad was officially greenlit on Steam on April 13th 2015. Squad had a kickstarter campaign that was started on May 26th 2015. It featured six different backer levels with various rewards such as merchandise, in-game rewards, and pre-alpha testing access. Just five days after the kickstarter was launched the game raised over $200,000. Then after a good couple of months later on December 15th 2015 Squad was released on Steam Early Access enabling people from across the globe to play. At the end of their kickstarter campaign they manage to raise over $350,000. Squad has now been officially been released on Steam on the September 23rd 2020


In conclusion this game is really good and easy to play, especially your playing with friends and the game mechanics being nice and simple this is definitely a game worth getting to make some friends and taking on the combat ahead, I’d highly recommend this game to anyone who does have a couple of friends wanting to make their own squad server. Using a hosting company for squad server hosting means you get rid of the worry of managing updates for the server or having to worry about what to do if your virtual private server stops working, purchasing hosting with Realms Hosting ensures you will get 99% uptime and full support for any server issues you may come across.